Jessica Simpson sparks concern with ‘strange’ behavior in Pottery Barn ad

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Jessica Simpson sparks concern with ‘strange’ behavior in Pottery Barn ad

They were taken aback by her, but not in a good way.

Fans of Jessica Simpson were alarmed when they saw she didn’t appear or sound like her typical self in a recent Pottery Barn commercial.

The 42-year-old “With You” singer welcomed viewers to her daughter Birdie’s room, saying, “Hi, I’m Jessica Simpson, and welcome to her room, created by Pottery Barn Kids and a little bit of myself.”

“I was very intrigued to the color scheme and geometric designs. This is actually Birdie’s personality to me,” she added, appearing to slur her words.

Simpson smiled and said, “Thank you everyone for looking at the wonderful room of Birdie Mae Johnson.”

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Jessica Simpson’s Pottery Barn ad left fans concerned for her health.

While some of the “Irresistible” singer’s followers praised her fine sense of home design, the comments area of her post was primarily inundated with complaints about her weight and speech.

One follower guessed that “something is wrong here,” garnering over 3,000 “likes” from concurring viewers.

Why did her face change? She has trouble speaking. Shame,” said a different commenter.

“Please tell me I’m not the only one who notices how slowly she speaks… Another exclaimed, “Is she alright?!?!”

Another questioned, “Why does she talk like that now?” That’s just odd; she says it in every video of herself speaking. It seems as though she is making a great effort to speak clearly.


She seems weak, a netizen said.

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Some chalked up Simpson’s “strange” appearance to getting too much cosmetic work done.

Others, though, called out the critics and begged them to refrain from passing judgment.

“It’s disappointing that all of these remarks focus on her attractiveness. Nobody’s business, really. One follower said, “I wish people were gentler.

Another supporter said, “These remarks are not helpful being criticized over her weight gain after her pregnancies, therefore if she does have an eating disorder it’s not her fault.

“Such a sweet room! For the naysayers, she has always been a petite lady; she was simply not as small while she was pregnant (as 95% of women are), so be kind to her. Let her live, a third chimed in.

The singer has been flaunting her figure since losing 100 pounds.