Jay Pharoah says Pete Davidson ‘confirmed’ BDE: ‘It’s 9 inches

According to Jay Pharoah, Pete Davidson “confirmed” allegations that he is carrying a bag under his jeans, and this is how the “King of Staten Island” actor is able to date celebrities like Kim Kardashian.

Hello, this is Pete. Something is in the sauce. Okay, he’s got something. On Thursday’s “The Jess Cagle Show” on SiriusXM, Pharoah remarked, “He got something within.

“So I approached him and asked, “Pete, man, what is it? ” I said … “What’s that. How did you act? It was what? How do you do that?

The renowned impressionist, 35, then disclosed that Davidson, 28, attributed his achievement to his “endowment.”

“He described it to me. It is a gift of his. He informed me that’s what it is, Pharoah said.

Yes, man, it’s around 9 inches, he said. I thought, “What? Word. Oh no, it’s the twins. That’s crazy,’ he said in jest.

Jay Pharoah

Pharoah also attributed Davidson’s success in his personal life to his vulnerability and personality, noting that he has dated Kate Beckinsale and even got engaged to Ariana Grande, who once tweeted that he was “like 10 inches” tall. Davidson has also dated Kate Beckinsale.

“If a woman can’t speak to you after that, she’ll go talk to someone who might not be as big as you. The voice actor for “Sing” said, “You have to be able to, you have to be able to listen.

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“The thin line is that you have to have everything in the relationship. Pete is just a really kind guy. He’s nice. He is exposed.

Pharoah stated that Davidson had “other challenges physically” in addition to his, well, gifts. The “Meet Cute” actor earlier revealed his fight with Crohn’s disease, as well as his diagnosis of borderline personality disorder, even though he didn’t directly specify any concerns.