Jacinta Price Husband: Meet Colin Lillie

Written by: Amos Osrah

Jacinta Price is an Australian indigenous politician, writer, and activist. Price is a member of the Warlpiri/Celtic peoples and is known for her outspoken views on indigenous issues, including domestic violence, child abuse, and cultural practices.

Price is the daughter of Dave Price, a well-known Aboriginal activist and politician who served as a Labor member of the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly.

She grew up in Alice Springs and attended St Philip’s College, where she was head girl. She went on to study at Charles Darwin University and the University of Adelaide.

Price worked as a teacher and youth worker before entering politics. In 2016, she was elected to the Alice Springs Town Council and served as Deputy Mayor.

In 2019, she ran as a candidate for the Country Liberal Party in the federal election but was unsuccessful.

Price is also a prolific writer and commentator, and her work has been published in a range of newspapers and journals. She has been a regular contributor to The Australian and has also written for The Sydney Morning Herald, The Guardian, and The Spectator.

She has written extensively on issues affecting indigenous Australians, particularly domestic violence and child abuse.

Jacinta Price Husband

Jacinta Price Husband: Meet Colin Lillie

Jacinta Price is married to Colin Lillie. Colin Lillie is a musical artist. He found a new life in Alice Springs in the central Australian desert. Since then, he has been thriving as a songwriter.

Jacinta is a stepmother to Colin’s son from a previous relationship.


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