Is Elliot Page born male or female?

Actor and producer Elliot Page, originally known as Ellen Page, is from Canada. Although he was born a woman, he openly came out as a gay woman in 2014. Page came out as transgender on December 1, 2020, using the pronouns he/him and they/them.

Elliot Page has said that at the age of nine, he knew he “wanted to be a guy,” but that in order to pursue a career as a child actor, he had to “compromise” his true gender identity.

Is Elliot Page born male or female

In a new interview with TIME, the 34-year-old discussed his decades-long battle with his gender for the first time since coming out as transgender and non-binary in December. He also acknowledged that he felt compelled to conceal his gender for years in order to succeed in Hollywood.

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Elliot says he first “felt like a male” when he was nine years old and was permitted to cut his hair short for the first time, recalling: “I wanted to be a boy.” Elliot also revealed that he had top surgery to remove his breasts. If I could be someday, I would ask my mother.