In a recent “highly filtered” video, Kourtney and Khloe’s features are criticized for “appearing like melted wax”

Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian have been mocked over their heavily filtered faces in a new video.

Khloe, 38, posed with Kourtney, 43, as they filmed a campaign for her older sister’s supplement brand, Lemme.


Guess who I discovered,” Khloe stated to the camera while loitering in the dressing room.

She moved her camera to Kourtney, who said: “It’s me! You located me!”

Huge pouts and little tilted noses were two exaggerated qualities that both brothers exhibited in the video.

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Critics on Reddit took notice of the excessive filter, with one writing: “Khloe’s face looks like melted wax.”

“Yay for fun but yuck for the filter,” said another.

A third added: “I was about to comment the same. I was like, ‘when did Kourt and Khloe get the same nose?’”

Kourtney tried with a faux lip piercing just hours before the video.

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On her Instagram Stories, the Kardashians experimented with a filter that gave her a diamond stud piercing on her bottom lip.

The release of Kourtney’s video coincides with growing fan worry that the reality star has abandoned her glitzy, vibrant aesthetic since she started dating Travis Barker in 2020.

The TV personality has recently started to embrace all-black clothes with leather and studded accessories, giving off an emo-gothic aesthetic.

Kourtney was charged with losing her “identity” last week after posting an anniversary tribute to Travis.


“I am imploring her to build a personality outside of being ‘Travis’ wife,’” one reviewer commented.


Fans made fun of the creator of Lemme a few days prior for making an “embarrassing” post about dancing in a mosh pit.

Kourtney shared many Instagram pictures of herself wearing a fishnet skirt and sweater by Blink-182.

One detractor stated: “She may be loved, but she lacks identity. Does she have experience in mosh pits?”

Another question is why the Kardashians constantly seem to forget who they are when they date.

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Travis and Kourtney have been trying to conceive since they were married, but they haven’t been successful.

Kourtney, who has three children with Scott Disick, has gone through both physical and psychological hardships in order to conceive.