I wore a skimpy bikini to Disney to get free shirt — but it backfired

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I wore a skimpy bikini to Disney to get free shirt — but it backfired

The “trick” that Heleni, a user of the TikTok app, discovered implies that if you wear a “inappropriate” top to Disney World, the theme park will give you a free T-shirt. Her experiment has gone global.

In the beginning of the video, which has received 6.4 million views since it was published on October 17, Heleni is seen taking off her cropped black tank top in the parking lot to reveal a little triangle-string bikini top.

Before heading to the front gate, she posted on the clip, “Trying the TikTok hack for a free shirt at Disney World Orlando.”

She was surprised when park staff members, referred to as cast members, stopped her, but Helena claimed they ultimately “forced” her to purchase a blouse to cover up.

skimpy bikini

Hundreds of comments were left on Heleni’s attempt, many of which claimed that the park used to give away free artifacts to visitors who disobeyed the rules but stopped after TikTok users learned about the handouts.

Cast member over here. fails to operate anymore. Everyone was doing it because it became too popular online, according to a purported Disney employee.

Others, though, claimed Heleni made mistakes.

Another commenter emphasized, “You have to be inside the park, not outside.

“My dumbass,” Heleni replied.

heleniofficial 1
Heleni put her black tank top back on to enjoy the park after she “debunked” the TikTok hack.

Heleni and Disney have been contacted by The Post for comment.

Recently, visitors to Disney have used a variety of inventive strategies to cut costs at the park. A “shameless” mom made headlines last month for dressing up an elementary-aged child as a baby to avoid paying the exorbitant admission charges at the Orlando theme park.