Jessica Alves

Jessica Alves is a Brazilian-British television personality noted for having undergone dozens of plastic surgeries to alter her appearance.

Alves was born on 30 July 1983 in São Paulo, Brazil to a Brazilian mother and a British father. Her father, Roserval Alves, hailed from a family of Europeans who arrived in Brazil in the 1940s.

Initially, the family was in the farming trade but expanded their business involvement to include supermarkets, shopping centres, and real estate.

When she was young, her grandfather bought her Barbie dolls. Although Alves was assigned male at birth, from “the age of three, four, five, six” she considered herself to be female, played with dolls, and cross-dressed.

She feels people should not be defined by gender. She was shy and bullied throughout childhood.

Jessica Alves

Alves has had several episodes of surgery, including nose jobs, which resulted in the loss of her sense of smell.

Soon after that experience, she underwent surgery in Brazil to inject a gel into her arms to make them look more muscular.

How many Plastic Surgeries has Jessica Alves done so far?

Jessica Alves has given fans a glimpse of the results of her latest cosmetic procedure after going under the knife in Azerbaijan and insisted she now has eyes like model Bella Hadid.

The 38-year-old media personality, who has spent more than £900,000 on more than 90 surgeries over the years, flew to the city of Baku to meet plastic surgeon Dr. Mubariz Mammadli, 35, to undergo body contouring liposuction with Bodytite and an endoscopy center-face lift.

The former Celebrity Big Brother housemate took to her Instagram Stories on Saturday to share a picture of the aftermath of her facelift with her 6.2million followers, exclusively telling MailOnline: “I’ve had over 90 cosmetic surgeries in the last 20 years and Most people see me as a plastic surgery addict.

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