Holocaust survivor, Max Glauben Dead at 94

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Holocaust survivor, Max Glauben Dead at 94

Max Glauben, a Holocaust survivor who was one of the founding members of the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum, died on Thursday. He was 94

Max Glauben Dead at 94

According to a museum official, Glauben, a longtime Dallas resident, died after being diagnosed with cancer.

Glauben is one of the Holocaust survivors whose memories were preserved by the USC Shoah Foundation in such a way that future generations will be able to ask him questions about his image.

“Max embodied the spirit of resiliency. He turned the atrocities inflicted upon him, his family, and six million Jews during the Holocaust into a message of kindness, love, and optimism,” Mary Pat Higgins, president and CEO of the museum, said in a statement.

After losing his family in the Holocaust, Glauben told The Associated Press in 2019 that he promised himself that he would “do all possible to educate the masses and let them know what type of disaster this was.”

Glauben was born in Poland on January 14, 1928, and grew up there. When World War II broke out, he was 11 years old. He was able to escape the Warsaw Ghetto as well as Nazi concentration camps. His parents and younger brother were were slain in the attack.

He was on his way to the Dachau concentration camp when the US Army freed him on April 23, 1945, according to the exhibit.

He immigrated to the U.S. in 1947, served in the U.S. Army and moved to Dallas, where he and his wife, Frieda, raised a family.

In 2019, The Dallas Morning News named him its Texan of the Year.

Glauben’s death came as Israel’s national Holocaust memorial day was marked on Thursday.

Max Glauben Dead at 94

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