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‘He Impregnated my Cousin and refused to Take Care of the Child – Man Exposes Ola Michael to Funny Face


An Instagram user has exposed Neat Fm presenter, Ola Michael over failure to performs his duties as a father after he allegedly impregnated his cousin to Funny Face amid his wahala with his baby mama.

His comment comes after Funny Face blasted him for tagging him as a lair when he was discussing his brouhaha with his baby mama on Neat Fm.

According to Ola Michael, Funny Face’s side of the story is pleasant to him and in in his honest submission, he said Funny Face seems to be lying to Ghanaians.

Ola said after hearing the side-story of Funny Face’s baby mama, he has concluded that the comedian and actor have been lying over the years just to make his baby mamas look bad in the eyes of people.

Funny Face saw Ola Michael’s and he also released a bombshell to him and also noted that should he meets him and his is not with a bodyguard, he will slap him, click here to watch the video.

Under Funny Face’s video on his Instagram page, a user and follower of the comic actor commented and revealed dirty secret about Ola Michael.

According to him, his family will soon get him in hot waters after he refused to perform his duties as a father after he impregnated his cousin.

“ GYE NYAME “ 🔥✊ Ola Gyimiifuorrrr odwan aponkye 2 2 niiiii b3333rma .. u dared me ? U go feel me soon for Ghana .. Fake Ghanaian🏊‍♀️🤣 kwasiaaa coming to destroy da “ SON “ of the blessed nation Ghana 🇬🇭 .. Evil guy .. I go slap u like how Vanessa was slapping me .. 🤣 I miss da slaps tho 🤣 Aoh YAW BOATENG .. Vanessa to agu manim ase “ 🤣 saaaawwww .. stillllllllllllll “ ONE MAN THOUSAND “ 🔥✊🤣

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