Hazel Henderson’s Husband: Who was Alan F. Kay?

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Hazel Henderson’s Husband: Who was Alan F. Kay?

Environmental activist, and futurist author, Hazel Henderson has reportedly died.

She was 89.

Hazel Henderson cause of death

Her death was announced in a statement by Ethical Markets, the media company she founded to promote “the evolution of capitalism.” The statement did not say where or how she died, but she had colon cancer, according to Nader, who interviewed Ms. Henderson earlier this month for his weekly radio show.

Hazel Henderson was once married to Alan F. Kay. They got married for 28 years years.

Who was  Alan F. Kay’s ?

Ms. Hazel Henderson was married to Alan F. Kay. The couple were together for years until her husband’s death in 2016

Hazel Henderson's Husband: Who was Alan F. Kay

Alan Francis Kay, Ph.D. (Harvard, 1951), passed away in his 91st year on August 17, 2016, in Saint Augustine, FL.

He is survived by his loving spouse and partner of 28 years, author, and futurist Hazel Henderson; his four sons: Joshua, Roger, Benjamin, and Max; his grandchildren: Jeremy, Melissa, Addison, and Faith;  his great-grandson Willem and great-granddaughter Catherine.  Alan F. Kay was born in South Orange, New Jersey.

He served as Honorary Chair of the Ethical Markets Media’s Advisory Board since 2013, after helping found the company in 2004 with untiring encouragement and support from Hazel Henderson, CEO, Founder, and Editor-in-Chief.

Dr. Kay is best known for founding AutEX, the first computerized trading platform on Wall Street that specialized in block trading.  Before the Internet, Dr. Kay created his own innovative and first electronic platform in 1960.  He became a critic of Wall Street’s use of computers in high-frequency and algorithmic trading, financial “engineering” and derivatives (Calling Wall Street To Account, 2011).


Dr. Kay was a US Army soldier in World War II during General MacArthur’s occupation of Japan, as an interpreter.  A PhD mathematician, Dr. Kay was a technology innovator of the scalar feed at Arecibo Observatory’s radio telescope in Puerto Rico, and held several patents as an engineer, inventor, entrepreneur, business executive, investor, author, public policy expert, and finally, through all these experiences: a social innovator.

Dr. Kay invented the field of public interest opinion research and was a pioneer investor in socially responsible and solar energy businesses with his partner, Henderson.


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