Go and sleep with men to get money to buy your iPhone – Parents tell their daughter

A lady has been left surprised after her parents urged her to sell her body to men so she can be able to afford the iPhone 8 she has been yearning for since they don’t have money for her.

The woman was shown in a TikTok video with her parents in a car as they voiced unhappiness over her request for an iPhone.

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According to reports, the woman’s father, a pastor, was overheard instructing her to sell her body to raise money so she could buy an iPhone for herself if she so desired.

He constantly expressed his thanks for having other children and that he has not seen anything that indicates that his future is secure with her.

The enraged father went on to say that while she has not yet been admitted to study Yoruba, even students who have been admitted to study medicine haven’t asked for an iPhone. He advised her to get out of his residence as soon as possible.

He further asserted that his daughter, who is “already corrupt more than corruption itself,” can tow that lane and that the majority of females who use iPhones are corrupt.

In defence of himself, he claimed that his daughter ought to have requested that he begin saving money for her tuition rather than asking for an iPhone.

The mother, who spoke up, defended her husband and claimed that her daughter was continuously causing her “pain.”

Watch the video below:


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