Gianni Clerici cause of death, net worth, wife, Children, Age

Gianni Clerici cause of death

Italo Calvino had defined him as “a writer lent to sport”: Gianni Clerici, historic tennis signature, a longtime collaborator of ‘Repubblica’, who announced his disappearance on the site, died at the age of 91 in Bellagio.

Gianni Clerici born on 24 July 1930, was an Italian tennis commentator, journalist, and tennis player.

Gianni Clerici cause of death

Clerici was born in Como, Italy, on 24 July 1930.

Clerici was known for his often off-topic banter with partner Rino Tommasi.
As a tennis player, one highlight of his career was being part of the main draw at Wimbledon in 1953.

He was the author of several books on tennis and was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 2006.

What was Gianni Clerici’s net worth?

According to multiple sources, Gianni Clerici had an estimated net worth of $1 Million

Who was Gianni Clerici’s Wife and Kids?

Gianni Clerici was a married man, however, he kept his family life private, hence, the name of his wife is not known at this time of publication.

Gianni Clerici was a private man who kept his family life private.

How old was Gianni Clerici?

Born on July 24, 1930, in Como, Italy, Gianni Clerici was 91.

Did Gianni Clerici have kids?

Gianni Clerici had a daughter called Carlotta Clerici. Carlotta Clerici is an Italian playwright born on August 20, 1965, in Como, Italy.

Gianni Clerici cause of death
Gianni Clerici’s daughter

What was Gianni Clerici cause of death?

Circumstances surrounding the death of Gianni Clerici were not stated to the public at the time of this publication.

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Gianni Clerici‘s obituary and funeral arrangements will be released to the public by the family.