Gary Bettman Father: Meet Howard Bettman

Gary Bruce Bettman born June 2, 1952, is the commissioner of the National Hockey League NHL, a post he has held since February 1, 1993. Previously, Bettman was a senior vice president and general counsel to the National Basketball Association NBA.

Gary Bettman Father

Under Bettman, the NHL has seen rapid growth in league revenues, from $400 million when he was hired to over $3 billion in 2010–11.

He also oversaw the expansion of the NHL’s footprint across the United States, with eight new teams added during his tenure, bringing the NHL to 32 teams as of the start of the 2021–22 season.

Howard Bettman is Garry Bettman’s father. He was born in the year 1925.

Who is Howard Bettman

Howard Bettman is the father of Gary Bettman. Howard Bettman was born on April 28, 1925, and died in December 1965 at the age of 40

He was 6 years old when he got depression. He has three Grandchildren namely Lauren Bettman, Jordan Bettman, and Brittany Bettman.