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Gael Greene Cause of death

Gael Greene was an American restaurant critic, author, and novelist.

Greene was born in Detroit, where her father owned a clothing store, and graduated from Central High School in 1951, then from the University of Michigan.

She said that her passion for food was awakened by a year abroad in Paris while she was an undergraduate.

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She worked as an investigative reporter for UPI then the New York Post, for example pretending to be single and pregnant for an investigation of baby trafficking, and was made a food writer after her editor liked an article she wrote about chef Henri Soulé.

Furthermore, she became a food reporter in New York soon after its launch, in the fall of 1968.

Greene famously went to great lengths to conceal her identity from restaurateurs, reserving and using credit cards under other names and wearing hats that covered her eyes.

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She both received love letters from readers and praise from chefs, and was known as a “merciless” critic, “the Dorothy Parker of restaurant critics”.

“It’s as if they removed the lions from the library steps,” said Michael Batterberry, editor and publisher of Food Arts magazine.

Who was Gael Greene’s Husband?

Is Gael Greene married? What is the name of Gael Greene’s husband?

Ms. Greene wed Donald Forst, a New York Post editor who eventually served as editor of the Boston Herald, New York Newsday, and the Village Voice, in 1961.

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13 years later, they separated. 2014 saw Mr. Forst’s demise. James, Ms. Greene’s brother, is still alive.

Does Gael Greene have Kids?

What are the names of Gael Greene’s daughters and sons?

These couples never had children, still divorced and married.

How old was Gael Greene?

What age is Gael Greene?

Gael Greene is 88 years of age, and she was born on December 22, 1933, in Detroit, Michigan, United States, and she died on November 1, 2022.

Gael Greene Cause of death

What is Gael Greene cause of death?

What happened to Gael Greene’s death?

Gael Greene, a renowned food critic for New York Magazine who revolutionized restaurant reviews with his sharp wit, fiery passions, and descriptions of eating as a feast of the senses, passed away on November 1 at a Manhattan assisted-living facility.

Greene died in Manhattan on November 1, 2022, at the age of 88.


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