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Frank Donald Drake was an American astronomer and astrophysicist.

He was involved in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, including the founding of SETI, mounting the first observational attempts at detecting extraterrestrial communications in 1960 in Project Ozma, developing the Drake equation, and as the creator of the Arecibo Message, a digital encoding of an astronomical and biological description of the Earth and its lifeforms for transmission into the cosmos.

Frank Drake

Born on May 28, 1930, in Chicago, Illinois, as a youth Drake loved electronics and chemistry. He reports that he considered the possibility of life existing on other planets as an eight-year-old, but never discussed the idea with his family or teachers due to the prevalent religious ideology.

He enrolled at Cornell University on a Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps scholarship. Once there, he began studying astronomy.

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His ideas about the possibility of extraterrestrial life were reinforced by a lecture from astrophysicist Otto Struve in 1951.

After college, he served briefly as an electronics officer on the heavy cruiser USS Albany.

He then went on to graduate school at Harvard to study radio astronomy.

What is Frank Drake’s net worth?

The range of Frank Drake’s net worth or income is between $1 million and $3 million.

Who was Frank Drake’s wife?

How many wives does Frank Drake have?

Elizabeth Bell, a composer, and Frank Drake were married and had three sons: Paul, Stephen, and Richard. While the other two became musicians, Paul chose to become a photographer.

At Cornell, he wed Amahl for a second time, with whom he had two daughters: Leila, a ballet dancer, and Nadia, who is currently a scientific journalist.

Did Frank Drake have kids?

How many Children did Frank Drake have? Did he have a son or daughter?

Amahl Shakhashiri Drake, Frank Drake’s wife of 44 years, his daughters Nadia Drake (Scott Ransom) and Leila Drake Fossek (Chris Fossek), and his sons Steve Drake, Richard Drake (Alice Moore), and Paul Drake from a previous marriage survive him (Ellen Sullivan)

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How old was Frank Drake?

What age is Frank Drake?

Frank Drake is 92 years of age he was born on May 28, 1930, in Chicago, Illinois, United States, and died on September 2, 2022.

What was Frank Drake cause of death?

How did Frank Drake die? When did he die?

During a maritime voyage on January 28, 1596, he passed away from dysentery.

He was interred in a lead casket while fully armored.

His body is still at sea, despite numerous attempts to locate the lead casket.

Drake died on September 2, 2022, at his home in Aptos, California, from natural causes at the age of 92.