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Female tenant allegedly beaten to coma by landlord and his son


A female tenant has reportedly been beaten into a coma by her landlord and his son after she asked them to stop using their vehicles to block the front of her shop.

The female tenant identified as Miss Ogochukwu Igwe, a resident of Obidike in Umudim Nnewi, Nnewi North Local Government Area of Anambra State was rushed to Glory hospital and Maternity where she alleged that the landlord strangled her after hitting her with the drier in her salon.

Recounting the ordeal, she said

“I pleaded with him to shift the car from blocking my shop but instead of yielding, the landlord told me to pack out of the shop and that he would deal with me when his son returned in the evening.

“The son later arrived with his tipper, came with his father into my salon and used the drier in my salon to hit me.

“He held me by the neck and tried to strangled me and I fell down unconscious. The next place I saw myself was at Glory hospital and Maternity, Umudim Nnewi.”

Miss Igwe who has now regained consciousness begged the police to ensure that her assaulters face the full wrath of the law.

She also revealed that a female police officer who introduced herself as Inspector Nneka, the investigating police officer (IPO) from Central Police Station in Nnewi came to seeher at the hospital.

“She took my statement and told me that Onyeka who beat and tried to strangled me has been arrested but that they were yet to arrest his father.

“I later learnt that he was granted bail while his father has not been arrested,” she added.

According to her counsel, Mr Kanayo C. Muoneke, “Presently, the victim can’t conviniently eat because of the injuries sustained and the suspects are celebrating the victim’s fate,”

He also urged the state’s commissioner of police Mr John Abang to intervene as the suspects are celebrating the victim’s ordeal.

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