Ex-boyfriend charged with murdering, dismembering Brooklyn woman found in suitcases


Ex-boyfriend charged with murdering, dismembering Brooklyn woman found in suitcases

Authorities claimed that a man was accused with her murder on Monday. He is suspected of killing his ex-girlfriend in Brooklyn, dismembering her with a meat cleaver, and hiding her body parts in baggage.

In connection with the gruesome murder of D’Asia Johnson, 22, whose remains were found by police doing a wellness check at her Cypress Hills residence on September 21, Justin Williams, 24, of Harlem, is accused of concealing a human corpse and murder.

At the time, sources claimed that Johnson was dismembered in her bathtub.

Johnson’s body parts were eventually discovered in the two suitcases at the residence, which had pools of splattered blood throughout.

Building security guards were worried about Johnson since she hadn’t been seen in a week and tried to check on her before her dismembered corpse was found, according to police.

Williams allegedly turned the security officers away at the door before fleeing before police arrived and discovered the horrific sight.


Johnson had a history of severe abuse from her ex-beau, according to neighbors who later spoke with The Washington Post. According to sources, Johnson had unsuccessfully sought an order of protection against him.

Stephanie Harris, a neighbor, claimed that “for two years he [was] pounding on her, broke her apartment down, shattered her knees, and fractured her ribs.” “I want to get her out of this building,’ her mom said. Get her out of this building, please—going she’s to die. Nobody wants to hear you.

Williams was listed as a person of interest in the slaying of Johnson at the beginning of last month.

Prosecutors also claimed that Williams’ current girlfriend used his dead ex’s federal benefits card to make transactions in New York City following her murder, in addition to naming him in open court at the time.

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Williams was transported to Nassau County ten days after Johnson’s remains were found in order to face two bail-jumping cases, according to authorities.

Williams was wanted in the Nassau cases for allegedly fleeing a second-degree assault charge for allegedly punching a 66-year-old man in Freeport in June 2021 and for allegedly stealing about $1,200 worth of goods from a Westbury Walgreens in June 2020.

An indictment claims that Williams skipped court on those charges on April 25 and that a warrant for his arrest was issued on May 11.

According to law enforcement authorities, he was detained on a $125,000 bond in connection with the bail-jumping cases, which kept him behind bars as NYPD detectives worked to solve Johnson’s murder.

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