‘England’s sexiest fan’ who came out of retirement for Qatar 2022 reveals her troll hell

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‘England’s sexiest fan’ who came out of retirement for Qatar 2022 reveals her troll hell

The “sexiest fan in England” After the Daily Star reported that the former glamour model was coming out of retirement for the FIFA 2022 World Cup, Grace Teal spoke out about the horrifying abuse she had endured online.

The lovely woman who has been branded “England’s sexiest fan” has called out the trolls who have harassed her online and called them “bullies.”

Grace Teal, a former beauty model, pleased Three Lions fans by posing in scanty footie garb.

The Daily Star exclusively revealed that she was coming out of retirement to support Gareth Southgate’s courageous boys in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, but she claims that she has also received hundreds of abusive messages since then.

Prior to tonight’s (November 25) crucial match between the Three Lions and the USA, she said: “Obviously, I’m extremely thrilled by the compliment, and it feels great to be referred to as “England’s hottest fan.”

“The World Cup is a wonderful occasion to bring people together and have fun.

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“However, the trolling I’ve experienced makes my heart ache. I was quite upset by it. I went to the mirror and stood there, asking myself, “Do I really look like that?”

“People have called me a gold digger and cheap even though I am accomplished in my own right and am fairly insecure in many aspects.

“Honestly, I believe that people commit these crimes because they believe they can do it while seated in front of their devices.

“It would be a criminal offense if someone approached you and began to harass you in that way.”

After the Daily Star’s piece went live, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, mother-of-one Grace received a barrage of hostile comments online.

She had “more foundation than a building site,” one online troll said, while another cynically questioned, “What’s wrong with her face?”

I thought it was a mannequin, said a further hateful anonymous commenter.


Businesswoman Grace revealed why she was rooting for the England team and stated that the internet criticism had “seriously damaged” her.

“It boosts my confidence, it’s an honor, and it’s just lighthearted banter, so I’m all for that for the World Cup,” she said.

“I am a huge football enthusiast, and I often get involved in football-related activities.

“I try to watch the game at the pub with everyone, as my young son is also quite interested in it.

“There needs to be a law in place that covers social media,” says the petitioner. “Harrassment shouldn’t just be physical or caused by someone you know.