Elle Brooke reveals country that tops her bucket list – but ‘she needs boyfriend’ to go

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The raunchy OnlyFans star is eager to travel to Australia but is looking for a travel companion as she admits she is having difficulty finding one.

Elle Brooke reveals country that tops her bucket list – but ‘she needs boyfriend’ to go

Elle Brooke, star of OnlyFans, has revealed the country at the top of her bucket list to visit, but she hasn’t gone yet because she’s looking for company on the trip.

The aspiring boxer took to Instagram stories to answer fans’ questions, including “You only have one country to visit before you die… where are you going Elle?”

Elle answered the question without hesitation: “Australia.”

But, while she is eager to visit Australia, she does not want to do so alone and is looking for a companion.

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Despite her online popularity, the saucy content creator admitted that she is having difficulty finding someone to join her.

“If anyone wants to go to Australia with me, I’m looking for partners to go with, because no one wants to go with me,” she continued.

The social media sensation has previously shared a slew of Instagram photos from her travels, including trips to Spain and Miami, but she has never been as far as Australia.

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“It’s so far away, the furthest place I’ve been is LA, so I haven’t had the chance to go there yet, but I’m sure I will one day.”

Despite the fact that she can’t find a partner to go on vacation with, Elle revealed during the Q&A that she’s content with her current situation.

When asked if she is happy, she replied, “I’m a lot happier than I have been recently.”

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But the Instagram star did admit that she isn’t always as happy as she appears, saying, “I go through phases, I think I’m not too bad.” I can be unhappy and snappy like everyone else.