Edward Love: Woman ‘repeatedly cried ‘no’ as she was raped by digital marketing bos

Edward Love

A woman repeatedly yelled “no” as she was raped by her digital marketing boss, who left her with bruised arms, according to court testimony.

Edward Love, 32, is accused of forcing himself on the woman at his Notting Hill home on Portobello Road after she refused to have sex with him unless he wore a condom.

According to Southwark Crown Court, Love later claimed the complainant had “rape fantasies” and told him “she enjoyed rough sex.” He denies rape, penetration assault, and sexual assault.

Prosecutor Charles Royle asked a victim’s friend when she decided to report Love.

‘I believe it was two months after in October,’ the friend said.

‘I came with her to report it to the police. She had been thinking about it for some time.

Edward Love: Woman 'repeatedly cried 'no' as she was raped by digital marketing bos

‘She wasn’t sure if she was going to or not. There had been an incident when she ran into him where she had an anxiety attack.

‘After that she decided to go through with it and report it to the police.’

‘I believe this happened a few times. She saw him on a few occasions.’

Allister Walker, defending, said the victim still had feelings for Love.

‘In your mind, was there any danger that she might get with this man again,’ he asked.

She replied: ‘Why would she want to be with him after he did that to her?’

‘Was it in fact when she saw Ed with another woman that prompted her to go to the police?’ he asked.

‘No,’ said the friend.

She said the alleged victim told her she screamed ‘no’ during the incident.

‘Nothing made me doubt what she was telling me. She was shaking. She made it clear he had heard her.’

Another friend then testified in court. She told the judge that her friend refused to have sex because neither of them had any condoms.

‘She realized that neither of them had condoms, and did not want to have sex with him.

‘She said he became very aggressive.

‘She said he pinned her down, holding on to her arms. She couldn’t move anywhere.

‘She said he forced her legs open.

‘She showed me her arms which were bruised.

‘She said she kept on saying no.

‘She couldn’t escape, but she said she repeatedly said no.

‘It was clear that she had been forced to have penetrative sex against her will.

‘I asked if she wanted to report it to the police.

‘She talked about calling a women’s helpline.’

This friend said that in February 2021 she had been out for a walk with the alleged victim, where they saw him.

‘We had a coffee and went for a walk.

‘She saw a man go into the corner shop who she thought was Ed (Love).

‘She got a bit anxious.

‘I didn’t see him as he went in but I saw him as he came out.

‘I noticed. She was telling me a story. She kept telling it but the words were not making sense anymore.’

The trial continues.