Earl Silbert Cause of death

Earl Silbert Cause of death

Earl J. Silbert is a prominent American lawyer who served as United States Attorney for the District of Columbia from 1974 to 1979, and served, along with two other U.S.

Attorneys, as the first prosecutor in the infamous Watergate scandal. His daughter is novelist Leslie Silbert.

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Silbert was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He had two sisters. His father was also a lawyer and a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives.

He attended Phillips Exeter Academy and graduated, with honors, from Harvard Law School in 1960.

Silbert was indirectly involved in the trial of CIA asset Michael V. Townley for the assassination of former Chilean ambassador to the U.S. Orlando Letelier.

Earl Silbert Cause of death

Silbert’s April 7, 1978, agreement with Enrique Montero Marx, the Chilean under-secretary of the interior, came one day before the Chilean government turned over one of its secret police agents, Michael Vernon Townley, to the FBI for questioning in the Letelier slaying.

What is Earl Silbert’s net worth?

How much does Earl Silbert earn per month?

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Who was Earl Silbert’s wife?

Is Earl Silbert married?

Prior to his passing, Silbert was married to Patricia Allott for 52 years. They had two children together, Sarah and Leslie, who went on to become a writer.

On September 6, 2022, Silbert passed away at a Keene, New Hampshire, hospital. Prior to his away at age 86, he had an aortic dissection.

Did Earl Silbert have kids?

Does Earl Sibert have sons and daughters?

Earl Silbert has one daughter, Leslie Silbert.

Leslie Silbert, daughter of Watergate prosecutor Earl J. Silbert, is an American writer who has worked as a private investigator.

In 2004, she published her first novel The Intelligencer, a spy story based on an incident in the life of the British 16th-century author Christopher Marlowe.

How old was Earl Silbert?

What age is Earl Silbert?

Earl Silbert is 86 years, and was born on March 8, 1936, in Boston, Massachusetts, United States, and died on September 14, 2022.

What was Earl Silbert cause of death?

What happened to Earl Silbert’s death?

In Keene, New Hampshire, on September 6, Mr. Silbert passed away, according to his family. He had an aortic dissection and was 86 years old.

He began a private practice in Washington after serving as the District of Columbia’s US attorney for five years during Watergate.

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