‘Disturbance’ at immigration removal centre following power outage

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‘Disturbance’ at immigration removal centre following power outage

The Home Office has alleged that a group of individuals at a west London immigration deportation center created a “disturbance” on Saturday morning.

The incident at Harmondsworth Detention Center, which is close to Heathrow Airport, did not result in any injuries, but the department reported that the power was still out just before 9am on Saturday.

The Home Office later dropped its original report that a “group of inmates fled their dormitories” and entered a courtyard area “equipped with different armaments.”

Services from HM Prison, police, and fire are on the scene.


A representative for the Home Office added: “The Harmondsworth immigration removal center has a power outage, and repairs are being made as we speak.

“We are aware that there is an issue at the center, and the relevant authorities have been alerted and are now on the site.

“Our first focus is the health and safety of the employees and inmates at Harmondsworth.”