Did Jeff Bridges have a Stroke? Everything you need to know

Jeff Bridges has been one of the favorite star actors, winning multiple awards.

Jeffrey Leon Bridges is an American actor. Known for his versatility, he has received various accolades throughout his career spanning over seven decades, including an Academy Award and two Golden Globe Awards.

Did Jeff Bridges have a Stroke


Bridges was born on December 4, 1949, in Los Angeles, the son of actor Lloyd Bridges (1913–1998) and actress and writer Dorothy Bridges (née Simpson; 1915–2009).

He is one of four children: older brother Beau Bridges (born 1941), who is also an actor; a younger sister Lucinda; and a brother named Garrett, who died of sudden infant death syndrome in 1948. His maternal grandfather was an immigrant from Liverpool, England.

Since him being a favorite actor, fans have been concerned about his health, some wanting to know if he has a stroke.

Did Jeff Bridges have a Stroke?

No, Jeff Bridges doesn’t have a stroke, he was rather diagnosed with Lymphoma, a type of blood cancer.

Jeff Bridges announced in October 2020 that, he had been diagnosed with lymphoma, a type of blood cancer.

A lymphoma is a form of cancer that, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, affects “tissues and organs that produce, store and carry white blood cells that fight infections.”