Diana Shamash, was said to have drowned while attempting to save her husband after he suffered a heart attack in the swimming pool of their vacation house.

Diana Shamash

At the couple’s vacation house in the south of France, Diana Shamash, 80, dove into the ocean while still wearing her clothes to try to assist her 82-year-old property billionaire husband David.

Their neighbors who were meant to be coming round for dinner with the “lovely” English couple raised the alarm.

When no one answered the door, they entered the property to discover the bodies of a couple, who are in their eighties, floating in the pool.

A senior investigating source told the Daily Mail the house near the picturesque market town of Gignac is secluded so nobody would have been able to hear their cries for help.

“What we do now know is that Mrs Shamash was fully clothed, and wearing her shoes, when she jumped into the pool to save her husband after he suffered a suspected heart attack,” they said.

Diana Shamash definitely struggled to stay afloat under these conditions and submerged.

One line of inquiry is if the pool was heated as cold water is a known killer in hot weather.

The sources who said there was foul play do not appear to be the case.

Mr. Shamash reportedly served as the director of eleven real estate companies with total assets exceeding £5 million.

The Oxford graduate managed his real estate business with the help of his son Anthony, age 56.

The couple also had a sizable farm in the Berkshire village of South Fawley and a residence above the official Tintin store in London’s Covent Garden.

Nicola, the couple’s 58-year-old daughter, resided close by in South Fawley.

Their heartbroken children flew out to France to identify their parents’ bodies this week.

They visited their holiday home three or four times a year for three-week breaks and were due to return home on Monday.

“It is just a tragedy. They loved France, they wanted to spend as much time as possible there,” said a friend in South Fawley.

Another added: “You wouldn’t meet a more dedicated couple, honestly. They were devoted to each other, such a lovely couple.”

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