‘DC Karen’ banned from Uber after disturbing caught-on-camera racist tirade

‘DC Karen’ banned from Uber after disturbing caught-on-camera racist tirade

In a frantic verbal assault that was caught on camera, an irate woman screamed racist epithets at her Uber driver on a DC street.

“I’m hiring you. Your boss is me. The woman, known online as the “DC Karen,” yelled at the Uber driver as they were standing on a Cathedral Heights street, according to the video. “I’m your f-cking boss,” she yelled.

She says, “You’re a piece of s-t,” and repeatedly uses the N-word.

In addition, the deranged Karen referred to the Uber driver as a “slave,” a “schizophrenic,” and a “illiterate.”

DC Karen

In response, the Uber driver referred to her as a coward and a bitch.

The heartbreaking altercation was captured on camera in two different videos, one shot by an occupant of a nearby apartment block and the other by the Uber driver.

Though the specifics are not totally apparent, it appeared that the two were fighting over a phone charger. She repeatedly shouts that she requested a phone charger from the driver. She responds, “My phone’s going to die if you can speak English,” to his suggestion that she report him to the police.

The Uber driver cautions the unnamed woman that his film will expose her online at one point during the outburst.

The Uber driver warns the woman at one point, “Hey Karen, you’re going to be all over the internet as a racist woman!”

“I am, indeed. Because I didn’t do anything wrong,” she responds arrogantly.

“You’re not white, and I am. Because of this, you don’t like me. Because I can read and write,” the Karen explains before continuing to walk away while yelling the N-word repeatedly six more times.

Uber declared that “DC Karen” had been banned from using the app after the video went viral.

dc karen

An Uber spokesperson issued a statement to The Daily Beast saying, “The behavior seen in the video is sickening and has no place on the Uber platform or anywhere in society.”

The identity of the two people have not been made public.