Crystal Thomas: Mother arrested after letting son, 10, get huge permanent 8 inch tattoo

Crystal Thomas

Crystal Thomas, 33, was arrested earlier this month for harming a child’s welfare.

The boy was staying in a motel with his mother and elder brother when he discovered that a man in the next room could tattoo him.

According to police, Thomas let the boy go next door and acquire the tattoo without supervising him.

Officials discovered the tattoo after the youngster allegedly went to the nurse’s office at his school to have Vaseline wiped on it.

Crystal Thomas

The discovery was reported to the school nurse’s superiors, who called the police.

The tattoo is eight inches long and features the boy’s name in block letters.

Lloyd Police Chief James Janso told Hudson Valley One that the tattoo is “not a professional work.”

According to Janso, the motel mainly hosts guests for “transient stays.”

According to Town of Lloyd Police in New York, the mother was released on an appearance ticket and was scheduled to appear in court on October 21.