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Coronavirus has saved my married, my husband now spends time with me at home – Woman gives testimon


A woman is giving a testimony about how Coronavirus has saved her marriage.

According to her, her marriage took a nosedive, her husband acts aloof towards her and their kids for a very long time now. And that she was even contemplating a divorce later this year.

But Glory to God Coronavirus has saved her marriage, in a message sent to relationship counselor Joro Olumofin, she noted that due to the lockdown that has come as a result of the virus, her husband is now spending more time with them.

Read her full message below:

God has sent my husband back into my arms. The Quarantine saved my marriages 

Gd morn Joro & all. Hope ur staying safe. At the beginning of this year I told my mother on January 1st crossover that will divorce my husband. 

My husband has been so rude , uncaring and mean to me and my children. He has so many girlfriend outside. I stopped keeping count. He doesn’t behave as a father or good husband.

My family started quarantine March 5th. Since the quarantine my husband has been a blessing. He knelt down and apologized for all he did. He makes me breakfast in bed, he started calling me sweet names and making love to me. My husband has not made to me since December 12th 2019. 

It’s like he’s a new person. I am really grateful to God for bringing us together. We both woke up at 6am to make food for the children and we made maddd sex after.

He gives me head like 2 times a day. Sometimes my Clitoris will be sore. He is currently cuddling me and he slept off. God brought my husband back and I thank God. 

We workout together I pray this love last forever. To those girls sleeping with married men please I beg of you stay away.

I can’t believe this is my life. I thank God. I wish this my happiness on so many families out there.

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