Confessions of a bank robber: Ex-con reflects on heists and life

Confessions of a bank robber: Ex-con reflects on heists and life

Sean quickly inhales some crack and snorts some heroin, a combination that will give him a fleeting sense of invincibility and supreme power. He has just two minutes to complete the bank robbery on Jamaica Avenue in Woodhaven before the police show up, according to him. A cab is waiting for him outside, but he is praying that it won’t leave before he returns outside because he has no money to pay for it.

He enters and walks directly to the teller. Give me the money, f-king!

He shoves his and raises his 12-gauge shotgun to the bulletproof glass.

38 was lying on the tray with his bulging, bloodshot eyes. Although the teller appears terrified, she remains silent and immediately begins to bag the money. Sean seizes it and dashes to the door in search of the police. All is quiet.

He just received $6,000, is 31 years old, and it is 1997.

In Woodhaven, Queens, Sean Martin Dalton was born in 1966 into a working-class Irish-Catholic household. His mother, Noreen, was a stay-at-home mother from Belfast, Ireland, and his father, Maurice, was an FDNY firefighter. He was the second of five children. He claims he has always been fascinated by money and that he first understood that “money gave bliss” at a young age. It starts off as candy from the local convenience store. Next, it’s girls, clothes, and movies.

At age 12, he started working at a restaurant. He admired the older men who held high positions in the community, including the wise guys, gangsters, and mobsters. Sean recalls witnessing men being beaten on the street by the mafia during the Gotti era in the 1970s.

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I want to go out free.
At the age of 41, Sean Dalton was released from prison after serving 10 years, 3 months.

He still works with Local 638 Steamfitters United Plumbing Mechanical, the union job he obtained 16 years ago through his brother-in-law. He claims he blends in seamlessly with the men from the other unions on construction sites and enjoys working outside.

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The police had been circulating his picture and knew his penchant for five-star hotels.

Sean responds with a big laugh, “Local 79 is largely crooks, ex-cons.” “Tough people who can work hard and won’t put up with crap. It’s cozy here for me. If you talk back, you can get hit in the mouth. No kids were present.

Even though he no longer robs banks, he claims to have everything he needs.