Charles Cullen Ex-wife: Who is Adrienne Taub? Bio, Age, Nationality, Wife, Kids

Charles Edmund Cullen is an American serial killer.

Cullen, a nurse, murdered dozens – possibly hundreds – of patients during a sixteen-year career spanning several New Jersey medical centers, until being arrested in 2003.

He confessed to committing as many as forty murders at least 29 of which have been confirmed, though interviews with police, psychiatrists, and journalists suggest he committed many more.

Charles Cullen wife

Charles Cullen Ex-wife: Who is Andrienne Taub?

Andrienne Taub is the ex-wife of American serial killer Charles Cullen.

Cullen met and married Adrianne Baum in 1987. Their daughter, the first of two girls, was born later that year.

However, Cullen’s wife became increasingly disturbed by his unusual behavior and his abuse of the family dogs.

In 1993 she filed a restraining order against him based on her fear that he might endanger her and their two children.

Charles Cullen wife

How old is Adrienne Taub?

Andrienne Taub’s age is currently unknown.

What is Adrienne Taub’s Nationality?

Andrienne Taub is a American.

Who is Adrienne Taub’s Husband?

Andrienne Taub was married to Charles Cullen.

Who are Adrienne Taub’s Children?

Andrienne Taub is a mother of two children.