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Cameroon: Gunmen storm private school, shoot and kill 6 young pupils [Graphic Videos]


Gunmen stormed a school in Cameroon on Saturday and opened fire randomly, killing at least six children and wounding about eight more in a region where separatist insurgents operate, officials and parents said.

Arriving on motorbikes and in civilian clothes, the attackers reach the school around midday in the city of Kumba in the Southwest Region, according to the accounts, including from one parent outside the school at the time.

Some kids were harmed jumping from second-storey windows.

It was unclear if the attack was linked to a continuing struggle between the army and groups seeking to form a breakaway state called Ambazonia in the English-speaking west.

But it was a grim new low in a region that since 2017 has seen hundreds die and thousands displaced because of the conflict, with many children unable to attend school. “They found the children in the class and they opened fire on them,” city sub-prefect Ali Anougou told Reuters.

Innocent school children brutally killed by armed men in Cameroon. There’s so much happening across Africa, sad 💔🙊 #EndAnglophoneCrisis #LekkiMassacre pic.twitter.com/j0TBDwNIrR

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Isabel Dione ran into the school to search for her 12-year-old daughter when she heard about the shooting. She found her on the floor of a classroom, bleeding from the stomach. “She was helpless and she was shouting, ‘Mum, please help me’, and I told her ‘only your God can save you now’,” Dione told Reuters. The girl was taken to hospital where she is undergoing treatment for a gunshot wound.

The United Nations’ Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said eight children had died, some by machete, and that 12 were wounded.

Videos circulating on social media filmed by local journalists showed adults rushing from the school with children in their arms, surrounded by wailing onlookers. One photo verified by Reuters showed the inside of a classroom, where a pile of dried blood had pooled on the floor near some scattered flip-flops.

Local education official Ahhim Abanaw Obase confirmed six deaths of children aged between 12 and 14 and added that another eight had been taken to hospital.

Analogue and other official blamed the attack on the secessionists, but did not offer evidence.

A prominent separatist leader, who asked not to be named, said his group was working on a statement that will “express our disgust” at the attack, without providing further detail.

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