Calvin Magee’s wife: Who is Rose Magee?

Calvin Magee and wife Rose Magee
Calvin Magee and wife Rose Magee

Calvin Magee’s wife: Who is Rose Magee?

Jacksonville State assistant football coach Calvin Magee has died, the school announced Friday.

Magee, 59, was entering his first season as the Gamecocks’ assistant head coach, offensive coordinator, and tight ends coach.

Calvin Magee cause of death

He had also worked with JSU head coach Rich Rodriguez in previous stops at West Virginia, Michigan, and Arizona.

Calvin Magee, April 23, 1963, was a professional American football player who played tight end for four seasons for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 1985 to 1988.

Before Calvin Magee’s death, he was married to Rose Magee with kids.

Who is Rose Magee?

Rose Magee was the wife of Calvin Magee, the couple started from childhood and later became a couple.

Calvin Magee's wife: Who is Rose Magee
Calvin Magee and his wife Rose Magee

Rose Magee is a supportive wife, she’s been taking care of the family in the absence of Calvin.

Calvin and Rose Magee got married in January 1986, and they tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony.

How did Calvin Magee and Rose Magee meet?

Calvin Magee was best friends with Rose Magee’s brother, they played on the same football team. Calvin keep coming to Rose Magee’s house and that sort of created a connection between them.

According to Rose Magee on HGBS’s Portrait of Coaches wife with Rose Magee, Calvin Magee met her one day at the house whiles she was doing her homework and said to her that, she’ll one day be his wife and mother of his kids.

Did Calvin Magee and Rose Magee have kids?

Out of 34 years of marriage, Rose Magee and Calvin Magee had three children, two daughters, Jade Magee and Jasmine Magee, and a song called Bryson Magee.