Bungee jumper reportedly leaped to death after mishearing instructor

Bungee jumper

Bungee jumper reportedly leaped to death after mishearing instructor

According to reports, a bungee jumper misinterpreted her instructor, which was a fatal error.

Yecenia Morales Gómez jumped off a bridge, but because her harness and bungee rope weren’t fastened yet, she plummeted 150 feet.

The 25-year-old and her partner had their first bungee leap in July of last year at Sky Bungee Jumping Amaga in northern Colombia.

According to local sources, Gómez misunderstood an instructor’s instruction to leap for her partner and thought it was meant for her.

Gustavo Guzmán, the mayor of the Antioquia town of Fredonia, told El Tiempo that “she became confused.” “Since the boyfriend was already fastened to the security apparatus, the signal was for him to leap. She became puzzled and hurried since they had just put the harness on her.

Despite her partner’s attempts to resuscitate her by doing CPR, she was declared dead at the spot. According to medical sources, she suffered a heart attack and died after the fall.

Sky Bungee asserted during investigations that there was no one else bungee jumping at the same time as her, despite claims that Gómez misunderstood directions.

“It is not true, as reported, that Yecenia Morales Gómez’s jump was due to the confusion of a jump command given to her friend,” the company said in a statement. “At the time of the accident, nobody jumped, neither her boyfriend nor anyone else.”

Bungee jumper
Reportedly, Gómez heard an instructor saying to jump and believed it was directed toward her when it was actually for her boyfriend.

“Our procedure is intended for single jumps and for single leaps only. The message went on to explain that this meant that in order to leap, a person had to do all of the tasks involved in the jump of the prior person.

The corporation said that there is no chance of any misinterpretation, pointing out that a viral video of the incident showed a person who had earlier jumped being rescued.

Sky Bungee stated that they have provided documentation of their operations and are assisting with inquiries.

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Yecenia Morales Gómez was pronounced dead on the scene.

Gómez’s brother Andrés Morales recalls her as a businesswoman who who enjoyed dancing and reading.

Morales praised his sister, calling her “a girl with all the best qualities, joyous, impulsive, with characteristics that made her adore her friends, and assisted the people in need.”