Bryan Kohberger visited restaurant where two of his alleged victims worked

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Accused According to a former employee, University of Idaho killer Bryan Kohberger dined at a Greek restaurant where two of the slain students worked as waitresses.

Kohberger, 28, went to Mad Greek on South Main Street in downtown Moscow at least twice, according to a former employee who did not want to be identified.

Madison Mogen, 21, and Xana Kernodle, 20, two of the four students killed on Nov. 13, worked as servers at the restaurant, though it was unclear if either of them had any interactions with Kohberger.

The criminology Ph.D. student, who adheres to an extremely strict vegan diet, ordered a vegan pizza, the staffer said.

The former employee admitted that the order stuck with them because the accused killer wanted to ensure that no animal products came into contact with his food.

Kohberger’s former aunt previously told The Post that his dietary restrictions were “very, very strange.”

Bryan Kohberger

“It went above and beyond being vegan,” the aunt, who declined to be identified but said she had previously married into the family, said.

“His aunt and uncle had to buy new pots and pans because he would not eat from anything that had ever had meat cooked in them. He appeared to have OCD [obsessive-compulsive disorder].”

The revelations about Kohberger’s visits to Mad Greek may be more evidence that he was stalking Mogen, Kernodle, Kaylee Goncalves, 21, and Ethan Chapin, 20, before they were stabbed to death at their off-campus home.

Investigators interviewed employees and owners of the Greek restaurant and obtained surveillance video from the establishment, according to People.

Earlier this week, it emerged that Kohberger slid into one victim’s direct messages on Instagram in October — just weeks before the massacre.

“He slid into one of the girls’ DMs several times but she didn’t respond,” an anonymous source told People. “Basically, it was just him saying, ‘Hey, how are you?’ But he did it again and again.”

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This week, it became known that Kohberger had entered one victim’s Instagram direct chats just weeks before the massacre, in October.

He repeatedly slid into one of the girls’ direct messages, but she didn’t reply, a source told People. In essence, he was merely asking, “Hey, how are you?” But he continued to do it.