Brit OnlyFans star’s distress as evil trolls threatened to ‘rape and dismember’ her

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While many OnlyFans content creators boast of huge earnings, some are reporting vile abuse from the site’s users, including sick death threats.

OnlyFans has “absolutely no safeguarding in place” to prevent sick trolls from sending her death threats, according to a young British woman who sells racy photos and videos on the site.

Miki-rose, who started her OnlyFans page in January 2020, claims she has received dozens of vile and disturbing comments on the site, including threats of rape and dismemberment.

Miki-rose claims to have had numerous bad experiences, and while she has never personally contacted the police about any of these incidents, she hopes that complaints from OnlyFans content creators are taken seriously.

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“I’ve been stalked online and had people try to find out where I live, making hundreds of new accounts just to see what I post,” the 22-year-old said.

“Being harassed online is pretty common for every OnlyFans creator, but I’ve also been harassed in public; for example, I once refused to hang out with a group of guys in a nightclub who recognized me and tried to act up.”

“At that point, my friend intervened to intimidate them and convince them to leave me alone.” I’ve been followed around conventions, and people have threatened to send my content to family members who already know what I do for a living.

1 Brit OnlyFans star 22 has had threats to dismember and rape her

“I’ve also had my content stolen and resold by others, and I’ve had numerous threats of being kidnapped and/or raped,” she told Kent Live.

“One person even threatened to ‘find and dismember’ me. Unfortunately, I would be unable to report the majority of these items because they came from people overseas or from untraceable accounts.

“Fortunately for me, every public occurrence has been averted by my friends or staff intervening, so no report has been filed.” Unfortunately, the site has no safeguards in place for when things like this happen.”

1 Brit OnlyFans star 22 has had threats to dismember and rape her 1

According to Miki-rose, OnlyFans staff “rarely respond to technical support emails.”

“They do not support creators even when there is content leaking and theft online.” I am currently paying an outside agency to assist me with this. I’d like to believe that the creators of OnlyFans would be taken seriously by the police, who are supposed to be impartial when dealing with crimes.

“I haven’t dealt with them yet for anything related to my page, so I can’t say for certain.”