Boy, 9, had ‘cheeks and lips torn off’ by pit bull which mauled him to near death

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Alejandro Mizsan’s family has expressed their “devastation” after the nine-year-old boy suffered horrific injuries in a dog attack that nearly killed him.

Boy, 9, had ‘cheeks and lips torn off’ by pit bull which mauled him to near death

The family of a boy who was nearly killed by a pit bull on Sunday is devastated, saying “he will never be the same.”

Alejandro Mizsan, nine, of Ireland, was playing on a green area on an estate in Enniscorthy, Wexford, when the vicious dog attacked him around 4 p.m.

He suffered serious facial injuries, including the tearing of his bottom lip and cheeks, as well as significant damage to his left eye and significant leg injuries.

The young boy was only saved from the almost fatal attack when heroic neighbors stopped as they drove by, jumped out of their car, and scared the dog away.

Alejandro was airlifted to Crumlin Children’s Hospital in Dublin after emergency services were called to the scene.

His family has shared photos of his painful injuries to demonstrate the devastation that dangerous dogs can cause.


Raul, Alejandro’s older brother, revealed that the terrifying incident has left the family heartbroken.

“We’re devastated,” he told the Irish Mirror. We can’t put into words how we feel right now. My younger brother is only nine years old, and the pitbull almost killed him.

“The pitbull annihilated him.” He’ll never be the same after this. His face is shattered. It’s just awful. My brother’s life has been ruined. He will never be a normal kid like he used to be.

“We have no idea what to do or how to act; we are simply stunned.” We’re just thankful he’s still alive. My brother is a strong young man, and he survived.”

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“You can only see his nose and his eyes, the rest you can’t see anything,” he said of his brother’s horrific injuries.

The dog that attacked Alejandro was free to roam the estate without a muzzle, and Raul claims that the attack occurred just days after the dog had attacked other children.

“My brother was just playing like any other kid,” he explained. All of the kids go out and play football or whatever they want. It’s not our fault.

“It could be anyone’s children.” But not only did the dog attack my brother, but he also attacked two other children just a few days before, and no one said anything.

“The dog was running around the estate.” However, it was a very dangerous dog. If an adult was assaulted,

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Alejandro had emergency surgery on Sunday evening, followed by another on Monday, and he will still need more, including skin grafts to the face.

“Even the doctors, when they saw my brother, they said they had never seen anything like this before and they are surprised that he’s still alive,” Raul said of his brother’s survival from the attack.

“Everybody loves my brother, he’s very popular there, our community, everybody loves him,” he told the Irish Mirror, adding that the family believes it’s a miracle he wasn’t killed. He’s a very nice and friendly kid to everyone.

“It’s a miracle he’s still alive.” Only God, we believe, can

The Mizan family has lived in Ireland for over ten years after moving from Romania, but only for about a year in the estate where the attack occurred.

Despite being relieved that Alejandro survived, his injuries have left them distraught, according to Raul: “My mum is very stressed.” My five-year-old sister is crying. She isn’t eating or drinking anything.”


Following the attack, the dog was found and put down, but the dog’s owner has yet to be found.

A spokesman for Ireland’s national police service said in a statement, “A child (male) received serious injuries after being allegedly attacked by a dog.”