Bonnie Raitt is an American blues singer and guitarist. In 1971, Raitt released her self-titled debut album.

Following this, she released a series of critically acclaimed roots-influenced albums that incorporated elements of blues, rock, folk, and country.

She was also a frequent session player and collaborator with other artists, including Warren Zevon, Little Feat, Jackson Browne, The Pointer Sisters, John Prine, and Leon Russell.

Bonnie Raitt Education

Bonnie Raitt Education: Did Bonnie Raitt attend Harvard?

After graduating from Oakwood Friends School in Poughkeepsie, New York in 1967, Raitt entered Radcliffe College of Harvard University, majoring in Social Relations and African studies.

She said her “plan was to travel to Tanzania, where President Julius Nyerere was creating a government based on democracy and socialism”.

Bonnie Raitt Education

She was the lead singer in a campus music group called the “Revolutionary Music Collective” founded by songwriter Bob Telson which played for striking Harvard students during the Student strike of 1970.