Bob Krueger’s Wife: Who is Kathleen Tobin Krueger? Everything you need to know

Bob Kruger's Wife

Bob Krueger’s Wife: Who is Kathleen Tobin Krueger

Robert C. Krueger, who served two terms in the United States House of Representatives before taking a brief temporary appointment to the Senate before embarking on a tumultuous diplomatic career, died on Sunday at the age of 86, according to his family.

Bob Kruger's Wife

Robert Charles Krueger, September 19, was an American diplomat, politician, and U.S. Representative and U.S. Senator from Texas, a U.S. Ambassador, and a member of the Democratic Party.

Before Bob Krueger’s death, he was married to his wife, Kathleen Tobin.

Who is Kathleen Tobin Krueger

Kathleen Tobin, Bob Krueger’s wife, is a world traveler. She worked and resided on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

Bob Kruger's Wife

Born on August 19, 1958, Kathleen Tobin has turned the age 63 years.

She was also a member of an international children’s organization’s board of directors.

Krueger reared her children and ran volunteer programs in the middle of violence and sorrow in England, Botswana, and Burundi, Africa. Her roots, on the other hand, are in the Texas Hill Country.

After graduating from Texas A&M University, Krueger worked as a legislative assistant in the office of U.S. Representative Sam B. Hall, Jr.

Tobin married Bob Krueger, a former United States Senator, and American Ambassador. During their tenure in Africa, Kathleen was president of the Diplomatic Women’s Association.

Did Bob Krueger have kids with Kathleen Tobin?

Bob Krueger had three kids with his wife, Kathleen Tobin.

Their name is out of the public domain, but we know, Sarah Krueger, one of her children who confirmed the death of Bob Krueger.

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