Billie Joe Armstrong Wife: Who is Adrienne Armstrong?

Billie Joe Armstrong Wife: Who is Adrienne Armstrong?

Billie Joe Armstrong, born on February 17, 1972, is an American musician who is the lead vocalist, lead guitarist, and primary songwriter of the rock band Green Day, which he co-founded with Mike Dirnt in 1987.

Billie Joe Armstrong

He is also a guitarist and vocalist for the punk rock band Pinhead Gunpowder and provides lead vocals for Green Day’s side projects Foxboro Hot Tubs, The Network, The Longshot, and The Coverups. Armstrong has been considered by critics as one of the greatest punk rock guitarists of all time.

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Who is Adrienne Armstrong?

Adrienne Armstrong (born Adrienne Nesser, October 6, 1969) is the co-owner of Adeline Records, Adeline Street, and Atomic Garden, an eco-friendly boutique in Oakland, CA. Crooks, Peter. Diablo Magazine, May 2008. She is also the wife of Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong.

Adrienne earned a degree in Sociology from Minnesota State University, Mankato. Her brother, Steve Nesser, is a professional skateboarder and makes his own line of skateboards.

Who is Adrienne Armstrong?
Billie Joe Armstrong Wife

How did Billie Joe Armstrong and Andrienne Armstrong meet?

Armstrong met his wife Adrienne Nesser in 1990 at one of Green Day’s early performances in Minneapolis, after she asked the singer where she could get a copy of Green Day’s album.

The two began communicating over the phone, which involved Adrienne discussing her human sexuality class with

The first kiss between the two led to an early Green Day song, “2000 Light Years Away” from their album, Kerplunk!.

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Billie Joe Armstrong and Adrienne Armstrong