Because of you just 1 million – Alleged chat between Afiba Tandoh, Celine and the rich Nigerian man surfaces

Written by: King Bygone
In a fresh shocking development, the alleged WhatsApp conversations between Nigerian businessman Mr Andrew and the two missing women, Celine and Afiba, have surfaced online.

This alleged Whatsapp convo has shed light on the tragic events leading up to their disappearance.

Before their disappearance and death, Celine and Afiba who had just returned from Dubai, travelled to Nigeria to meet Mr Andrew, whom they had befriended on Facebook and later attend a wedding.

Afiba who is allegedly married to a white man, accompanied Celine on the trip, which sadly turned deadly.

Before the journey, they allegedly texted Mr Andrew and screenshots from the reported chats reveal that Mr Andrew had invited the women to spend a few days with him at a fee.

In a part of their alleged chat, Celine told Mr Andrew that because of him, they would take only 1 million naira.

On June 4th, the body of one of the missing women was discovered in Aba, Nigeria with several missing parts.

Earlier, their handbags had been found in Mr Andrew’s bulletproof house, raising suspicions about his involvement.

Mr Andrew was subsequently arrested by Nigerian police but was shot dead while allegedly attempting to escape during his transfer from Aba to Abuja.

The release of the alleged WhatsApp chats between Mr Andrew and Celine has provided more context to the grim story.

Afiba Tandoh

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