Beautiful Fulani Girls sends ‘Strong Warning’ to People comparing them to Street Beggars

Three beautiful Ghanaian Fulani girls have sent out a message to some Ghanaians mistaking them for street beggars.

The ladies, who have not been named, say they are different from those who are begging on the streets and henceforth, they should not be called as such.

Fulani Girls
Fulani Girls

In a video sighted by Ghanaian Blogger, King Bygone, one of the Fulani ladies furiously throws insults at all those people comparing them and destroying the ‘fulani’ tribe linking them to beggars.

According to the ladies, they’re very quiet in the country, however, they can’t take the disrespect anyore.

Watch video below;

The Fulani are a nomadic people who are found all over West Africa. They are known for their cattle herding and their traditional clothing. In Ghana, the Fulani are often stereotyped as being beggars. However, the two girls in the video are challenging this stereotype.

The girls’ message is a reminder that not all Fulani people are beggars. They are just like everyone else, trying to make a living and support their families. We should judge people based on their individual merits, not on stereotypes.

Source: | King Bygone

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