Asylum seeker who murdered aspiring Royal Marine killed two people before arriving in UK posing as a schoolboy

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A KNIFE-obsessed asylum seeker who stabbed a Royal Marine hopeful to death killed two others before arriving in the UK.

Tom Roberts was fatally stabbed by Lawangeen Abdulrahimzai, 21, in Bournemouth in front of a Subway restaurant.



The asylum seeker stabbed the 21-year-old to death with a 10 cm sword and was found guilty of the murder today.

The knife-obsessed Abdulrahimzai was previously found guilty of murder in Serbia, it has now been revealed.

After two persons were shot dead in front of a refugee area beside a gas station, the murderer was given a 20-year sentence while he was out of the country.

He had previously admitted to selling drugs in Italy but was released from jail.

He then claimed to be a 14-year-old whose parents had been murdered by the Taliban in Afghanistan before entering the UK in 2019.

He was put in foster care where he almost headbutted his caretaker because his falsehoods were so plausible.

Despite being found with a knife by police, Abdulrahimzai merely received a warning, and Salisbury Crown Court was informed.

The yob was getting paid £100 for ten minutes of street fighting prior to Tom’s murder.

He had a disagreement over an e-scooter with Tom’s friend James Medway on March 12 of last year.

Tom, a potential Royal Marine, tried to stop the “extremely violent” defendant, but Tom was stabbed in the heart and stomach.

On terrifying CCTV, Mr. Medway was seen pursuing Abdulrahimzai around the city and into a park.

Terrified by what they saw, witnesses in the crowded town center saw the murderer running “extremely rapidly” into the night.

Sadly, there were just 24 seconds between the start of the altercation and Tom being stabbed.

Abdulrahimzai, according to the jury, “revels in violence” and has a “fascination with knives.”

“Nothing will ever be able to compensate for their devastating loss, but I would like to honor them for the respectful manner in which they have behaved themselves during the inquiry and legal proceedings. I also honor those who helped Tommy after the incident by saying thanks to them.

“I want to thank my investigation team and everyone who participated in this case. We have worked really hard to gather evidence to get a conviction for this horrible murder.

“Additionally, I want to express my gratitude to the prosecution team and the Crown Prosecution Service for their dedication, professionalism, and skill in bringing Tommy and his family justice.

“This incident serves as yet another reminder of how terrible knife crime can be.