Arthur Malaj, 37, was given a three-and-half-year sentence after a jury found him guilty of causing a 14-year-old girl to engage in sexual activity

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Paedophile ice cream man-made girl, 14, performs a sex act on him ‘for free treats’

A paedophile ice cream man was sentenced after using free treats to entice a child to perform sex acts on him.

Arthur Malaj, 37, was working as an ice cream vendor at Piece Hall in Halifax, West Yorkshire, when he convinced the teen to perform sex acts on him at least three times in its bathrooms.

He was sentenced to three and a half years in prison yesterday, November 29, after a jury found him guilty of causing a 14-year-old girl to engage in sexual activity.

Recorder Simon Kealey KC stated that Malaj gave his victim free ice cream and more change than necessary before discussing sexual topics in 2011, when Malaj was in his mid-20s.

However, the married man’s crimes were not reported to authorities until 2018.

Malaj denied knowing his victim when he was finally interviewed.

Recorder Kealey stated that it was clear from her impact statement that the abuse his victim endured had a significant impact on her.

“In my opinion, there was an element of grooming,” he told Malaj via a prison video link to HMP Leeds.

However, he stated that he considered the fact that Malaj had no prior convictions and that there had been no further offending for more than a decade.

Arthur Malaj

The defendant was scheduled to be sentenced in August, according to the court, but his barrister, Danielle Graham, said he “panicked” when it all became too much for him.

He then fled and was wanted by police on a warrant for nearly a month.

However, prosecuting barrister Michael Smith argued that walking out of the sentencing hearing was a deliberate attempt to delay justice.

Malaj, of Range Lane in Halifax, will now have to register with the police as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

He will also be subject to an indefinite restraining order barring him from future contact with the complainant.