Armed robbers attack Pentecost Church during Sunday service

Written by: King Bygone

One of the South African branches of the Church of Pentecost was yesterday during their Sunday service attacked by armed men.

In the video which has gone viral, the leader was seen preaching in Twi which is a local dialect when all of a sudden he went mute.

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He tried to resume speaking a few seconds later but couldn’t find his voice that was when he suddenly went to his knees.

A few seconds later the robbers appeared in the video wielding guns and asking all the members in the church to prostrate on the floor.

One of the armed men from the video was seen swiftly picking up the phone belonging to the pastor from the pulpit.


The armed men left the church premises after they had successfully robbed all the members of the church leaving the members traumatized.

Watch the video below:

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