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Any woman you see in natural hair is depressed – Counselor Lutterodt

Counselor Lutterodt is out again with some bunch of foolish statements which makes him feel he’s the wisest ever in the world.

This time, he claims any woman you see in a natural hair is suffering from depression.

According to the report as pressed on, Counselor Luttedrot thinks keeping a Kinky hair is nasty and unkempt.

According to him, Egyptians who are known to be the pacesetters of Africanism and African civilization straighten their hair.

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“There is nothing called Natural hair, it is depression, anybody you see in natural hair is depressed, they are going through psychological deficiency”

“There is nothing like African or blackness when your hair is unkempt because if you check the Egyptians they started stretching their hair first and that is where Africanism started” he said.

Backing his claims with biblical examples, the Life coach said, the woman who is reported in the bible to have wiped the feet of Jesus Christ with her hair had a stretched hair.

“In far back in 1982, we had a heat comb that you use in a coal pot and use to stretch the hair, because there is some particular romantic sensation, there is a nerve that connects the scalp of the head to your hair so there is a portion of the hair that when it is stretched in a certain way you feel very romantic” he noted.

Watch video below:

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