Antonio Inoki Parents: Meet Father Sajiro Inoki

Kanji Inoki was a Japanese professional wrestler, martial artist, politician, and promoter of professional wrestling and mixed martial arts.

He was best known by the ring name Antonio Inoki, a homage to fellow professional wrestler Antonino Rocca.

Inoki was a twelve-time professional wrestling world champion, notably being the first IWGP Heavyweight Champion and the first Asian WWF Heavyweight Champion – a reign not officially recognized by WWE.

Antonio Inoki Parents

Antonio Inoki Parents: Meet Father Sajiro Inoki

Who are Antonio Inoki’s mother and father?

Antonio Inoki was born on February 20, 1943, in Tsurumi Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan, the son of Sajiro Inoki.

His father, Sajiro Inoki, a businessman and politician, died when Kanji was five years old.

Inoki entered the Higashidai Grade School. Inoki was taught karate by an older brother while in 6th grade.