Anne Hathaway Husband: Who is Adam Shulman?

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Anne Hathaway Husband: Who is Adam Shulman?

When Anne Hathaway first met her now-husband Adam Shulman, she felt an immediate connection.

“I knew he was the love of my life the second I met him,” the actress subsequently told Harper’s Bazaar UK. “I also realized I couldn’t have met him at a more inconvenient moment.”

Anne Hathaway Husband: Who is Adam Shulman

When Hathaway met Shulman through mutual acquaintances, she was coming out of a breakup. Despite her worries — she adds, “I took my trust out for a stupid joyride with him” — the Devil Wears Prada actress immediately fell in love with him.

Anne Hathway and husband

After dating for four years, the couple married in September 2012 in a beautiful Big Sur ceremony on the California coast.

Anne Hathaway Husband: Who is Adam Shulman

Prior to their wedding, Hathaway told USA Today that the pair lives a low-key, laid-back lifestyle. “We just hang out and do home parties and dinner parties,” she added. “[Adam] makes me so happy. He’s everything you’d want in a companion. I am ecstatic to be in his company.”

Who is Adam Shulman?

Adam is well-known as the affluent Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway’s better half. Birds of a feather flock together, as the old saying, and this is obvious in this couple’s life because Adam Shulman is also an actress.

Anne Hathaway Husband: Who is Adam Shulman

Adam Shulman is 41 years old and celebrates his birthday on April 2nd every year.

After growing up in an affluent family and marrying one of Hollywood’s finest movie actresses, Adam Shulman is reported to be worth over $30 million.

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