Anne Garrels Children

Anne Longworth Garrels, July 2, 1951, was an American journalist, best known for her work as a foreign correspondent for National Public Radio.

Anne Garrels Children

Anne Longworth Garrels was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, on July 2, 1951.

She spent part of her childhood in London, where her father worked as an executive for Monsanto.

She was educated at St Catherine’s School, Bramley.

Garrels returned to the United States and enrolled at Middlebury College, but later transferred to Harvard University’s Radcliffe College, where she studied Russian and graduated in 1972.

In 1986, Garrels married J. Vinton Lawrence, one of two CIA paramilitary officers from the Special Activities Division stationed in Laos in the early 1960s, who worked with the Hmong tribesman and the CIA-owned airline Air America until his death in April 2016.

They were married until Lawrence’s death from leukemia in 2016.

Garrels lived in Norfolk, Connecticut, where she died from lung cancer on September 7, 2022, aged 71.

Anne Garrels Children: Did Anne Garrells Have Kids?

Anne Garrels happily married her husband J. Vinton Lawrence for more than 3 decades.

Anne Garrels Children: Anne Garrels never had a so or daughter, she didn’t have time to have children with her husband J. Vinton Lawrence.

Not for a single moment did Anne Garrels talked about having kids.

She was soo focused on her career as a journalist and never had time to have kids.

However, it is believed that, the couple never have children.