Anndel Taylor: What we know about the Buffalo Storm victim who lost her life while waiting out the massive snow storm

snow storm

A 22-year-old woman who died waiting in her car in Buffalo, New York during the historic winter storm has been identified as Anndel Taylor.

Anndel Taylor died over the weekend after her car became stranded in the snow while driving home from work on Friday afternoon.

What happened?

Taylor sent her family a final video from inside her car the day before she died, from what her mother believes was carbon monoxide poisoning rather than hypothermia, though a cause of death has not yet been determined.

It showed her car stuck in the snow as a terrifying wind howled outside shortly after midnight on Saturday.
Taylor told her family members in a family group chat that she was stuck in the snow on her way home from work, and that the snow was falling fast.

Anndel Taylor

The 16 second video showed Taylor rolling down the snow-covered window to display a wintry landscape.

‘She was telling my sister she was scared,’ said Taylor’s sister, Shawnequa Brown.

The camera pans out to show several feet of snow under the car and another stranded vehicle just across the street.

All the while the snow and cold whips through the air in the otherwise silence of the night.

Who was Anndel Taylor?

Anndel Taylor, 22, was born in Buffalo but raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, and recently returned to New York to care for her father.

Taylor’s Facebook page indicates that she is single and resides in Buffalo, New York.

Taylor would have been 23 years old in January.