Andy Fletcher’s Team: Was Andy Fletcher a Chelsea Fan?

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Andy Fletcher’s Team: Was Andy Fletcher a Chelsea Fan?

For years Chelsea has been associated with a whole range of famous people who have supported the Blues.

Was Andy Fletcher a Chelsea Fan

The height of celebrity fandom came during the late sixties and early seventies when the style and glamour of the team were matched by those wandering the King’s Road.

Andy Fletcher was a man of music, yet has a love for other interests as well.

A couple of years ago, Goal.com, spoke to Andy Fletcher about football and this is what he had to say.

Celtic fans started it by chanting ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ at Scottish Premier League games and there’s some impressive footage available online of the Celtic fans during last February’s Old Firm against Rangers. Keyboard player Andy Fletcher feels flattered by the actions of the Celtic fans.

Was Andy Fletcher a Chelsea Fan?

Yes, Andy Fletcher was a Chelsea fan. Yet, he appreciates the creativity of the Liverpool faithful  “It’s breathtaking to see the enthusiasm in the stands when they’re chanting the song,” he said.