Andy Fletcher cause of death

Depeche Mode founding member and keyboardist Andy Fletcher died at the age of 60.

Andrew John Leonard Fletcher, 8 July 1961, sometimes known as Fletch, was an English keyboard player, DJ and founding member of the electronic band Depeche Mode.

Andy Fletcher cause of death

In 2020, Fletcher was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Depeche Mode.

In the late 1970s, Fletcher and schoolmate Vince Clarke formed the short-lived band No Romance in China, in which Fletcher played bass guitar.

In 1980, Fletcher met Martin Gore at the Van Gogh pub on Paycocke Road in Basildon. With Clarke, the trio, now all on synthesizer, formed another group called Composition of Sound.

Clarke served as chief songwriter and also provided lead vocals until singer Dave Gahan was recruited into the band later that year, after which they adopted the name Depeche Mode at Gahan’s suggestion.

Clarke left the group in late 1981, shortly after the release of their debut album Speak & Spell.

What was Andy Fletcher’s net worth?

Andy Fletcher is an English musician who has a net worth of $70 million.

Who was Andy Fletcher’s wife?

Andy Fletcher was married to Grainne Mullan, they were married in 1991.

Andy Fletcher cause of death

Grainne Mullan and Andrew Fletcher have been married for 29 years. They were dating for 5 years after getting together in 1988 and were married on 16th Jan 1993.

Did Andy Fletcher have kids?

Andy Fletcher was married for almost 30 years, there are no records of him having kids with his wife, Grainne Mullan.

What was Andy Fletcher cause of death?

Andy Fletcher died on 26 May 2022, aged 60, his death was announced by Depeche Mode’s official Twitter page, but they did not state the cause of his death.